Bhartiya Vidya Mandir (BVM) was established in 1948 by Late Shri Girdhardas Mundhra and his supporters to provide free and quality education for the underprivileged sections who had to drop out due to lack of opportunities or financial issues.

Over the years, BVM has created a niche for itself in education while also making significant contributions towards preservation and propagation of Indian Cultures and Heritage. The organisation publishes various books and periodicals and organizes regular seminars and literary meets with the sole objective of spreading the rich cultural heritage as well as achievements of Indians all over the world.

BVM in partnership with its patron Simplex Infrastructures Limited have also made forays into Practical Training Education and in doing so have introduced many hands-on training programs in the field of Construction and Engineering. The training modules and their effective implementations have made tangible impacts over time.

Vision & Mission: Development of Society through Educational, Cultural, Ethical and Skilling practices.

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